The Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey (BIANJ) hosted the 13th annual gala event this past March in Livingston’s Crystal Plaza.  The event took place in March as its month is Brain Injury Awareness Month. The purpose of the gala was to raise money to assist those who have suffered a brain injury.  BIANJ is a NJ nonprofit group created to enhance the quality of life for those who have endured a brain injury.  TBIs can lead to crippling injuries for the duration of one’s life or even cause death.  Unfortunately, such outcomes negatively impact the injured individual as well as his or her loved ones.

The lucky ones who survive their TBI often deal with fallout that spans several days or even the remainder of their lives.  TBI effects range from impaired movement to impaired memory, the inability to think clearly, compromised vision and hearing.  “It is even possible for a TBI to cause an alteration in emotions” says Richard Schibell.  As an example, plenty of those who suffer a TBI end up depressed or have a noticeable change in personality.  Such issues impact the injured parties as well as family members and the community as a whole.

The top causes of TBIs are auto accidents and falls. Schibell & Mennie has more than three decades of experience with a wide array of personal injury accident cases including those involving TBIs.  Lean on our New Jersey TBI lawyers to investigate the accident that compromised your well-being or that of a loved one and we will do everything in our power to hold the negligent parties responsible for the injuries as well as subsequent losses.  Our law firm has extensive experience with TBI cases.  We have consulted with neurosurgeons, neurologists, therapists, rehab centers and other medical professionals to gain deeper insight into our clients’ TBIs.

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If you or a family member have endured a TBI resulting from an auto accident, a truck accident, a slip and fall accident or a workers’ compensation accident, our law firm can help.  Our New Jersey TBI attorneys are here to provide a no-cost case evaluation.  Lean on us in your time of need and you will rest easy knowing our experienced personal injury attorneys will provide the legal advice necessary to help you obtain the compensation you need and deserve.

New Jersey’s statute of limitations for personal injuries is two years.  If you do not bring a personal injury lawsuit in this period of time, the window of opportunity will close.  This is precisely why we ask that you reach out to our law firm today for timely assistance.  There is no fee unless your case results in a settlement or court-awarded judgment.  Give Richard Schibell a call today at 732-774-1000 and we will begin reviewing the specifics of your unique TBI case.